“If it wasn't for the professional and human approach from GM inc we wouldn't have let our son into the fashion industry. They really helped us to understand how it worked and really took care of Ville so that he could have the best start as a model. And because of them his career seems to start up in a fantastic way. Thanks to all they did in the beginning. Their warm and friendly approach is worth so much that we strongly recommend every model to apply to GM inc.”

/ Katarina, mother of Ville (profile)

“Lisa and Maud have completely changed my view of the fashion industry and what it is to be a model. Their energy and passion has been deeply moving. In a world where surface and form is what counts, GM inc choose to accentuate personality and charisma. Listening to Maud talking about the beauty and uniqueness that resides within each individual is something I hope everyone gets the chance to do! GM inc challenge the norms and the classic ideals that say beauty only belongs to a certain group of people. Lisa and Maud treat their models as family, something I am endlessly grateful for.

Above all, and maybe most importantly, is the fact that GM inc are a small piece in a bigger wave of love and open-mindedness that is spreading, and step-by-step changing the way we humans view ourselves.

We are what we are; we are all beautiful and unique!”

/ Benjamin B (profile)

“I would say that having GM inc as a launching pad into the modelling industry is amongst the very best things that can happen to you. They are so humble and considerate about you at the same time as they are very professional about their work. You are a person and not a product. You feel safe from the beginning – which is so incredibly important! Then you can dare to try your wings in this business that can be everything but safe sometimes.”

/ Sofie T (profile)

”To be ”discovered” by GM inc is probably the best thing that can happen to an aspiring model. They truly want what’s best for the model.

Sofie has since childhood been dreaming about standing in front of the camera. As a mother I was incredibly sceptic towards the world of modeling and I wished the dream would stay a dream. When Sofie 1,5 year ago got ”discovered” by GM inc I was very happy for her but at the same I panicked. I asked to see Maud and her colleague, since I had so many questions.

I got very welcomed and could cross over all my bad concerns one by one. During Sofie’s modeling journey through GM inc they were always very responsive and an incredible support to both Sofie and myself. And even when the model gets signed/placed with an agency - they stay in touch! The people at GM inc are simply fantastic.”

/ Jane, mother of Sofie T

”If it hadn’t been for that day in mars, when I met GM inc for the very first time - I don’t think I ever would have had the great conditions that I now have. It’s thanks to their wonderful, warm engagement and caring that I got the opportunity to start my cooperation with CITY Models in Paris”

/ Alexandra L (profile)

“As a parent to Alexandra it feels very safe having GM inc behind you. They have showed an amazing engagement and stand for a security that always is available! Both me and Alexandra will heartily recommend Global Models inc as a very serious scouting agency!”

/ Marie, mother of Alexandra L

”In an industry where nothing ever seems certain and there are a lot of new things to learn - it’s very comforting having a solid ground with GM inc. With all their knowledge and support I couldn’t have asked for a better start! It’s an amazing opportunity to get matched with the right agency - not being limited to agencies in a close range, but having the possibility of getting matched with agencies all over the world.”

/ Helena L and her mother Kerstin

“I got scouted by GM inc some day in February 2014, whilst searching for a summer job in a mall in Stockholm. I am still relatively new as a model, so the work I’ve done so far are more of test pictures for my model book and nice polaroids. Although, all the meetings, jobs and experiences with GM inc has been extremely fun and nice to do! I cannot think of a better introduction to the modelling business than through Maud and Lisa at GM inc.

Since a couple of months ago I am placed with my Mother Agency Nisch Management in Stockholm, but even so – I know I can always turn to GM inc if needed, and that feels very good!”

/ Henry W (profile)

“GM inc is the first serious connection our son Henry has got to the modelling industry. GM inc has since then navigated Henry to a suitable agency.

As a parent you want to feel security, since this is a new world opening before your eyes and both the model and the parents have thoughts and questions. We know that we can always turn to Maud and Lisa if we need to!”

/ Ann-Katrin, mother of Henry W

"I got and agency rather quickly and therefor I didn't spend a very long time at GM inc, but what I can say is that their company is extremely proffessional and that they truly have a genuine interest in every model they represent. They are very nice and easy to work with! I have only good things to say about GM inc and I have them to thank for this amazing chans I now have!"

/ Simon H (profile)

“We have been very warm received by Maud and Lisa and we think that at GM inc they are very professional and have been taking good care of Amanda in every way!”

/ Karl and Cecilia, parents of Amanda F (profile)

"Without GM inc I would never have gotten the chance to go to London and make a photoshoot with Tim Walker for Love Magazine. Thank You!"

/ Edvin M (profile)