Terms and conditions for agencies

Global Model Scouting (GMS) content and purpose

In the GMS database established agencies and agents that work in the modeling industry can search for the applicants that have registered themselves on GMS. You have access to the registered applicants profile with photos and facts. Contact information is provided by GMS only and if you find any model interesting for representation with your agency contact us at [email protected].

The purpose is to operate a network and facilitate the meeting between aspiring models and agencies. A website where you as an agent can search, scout and meet unsigned new faces worldwide.


There is no fee or costs to use and browse the GMS website when searching for aspiring models. To become a mother agent to an aspiring model from the GMS website, agencies/agents pay a one time scouting fee between 500-1500 Euro.

GMS is not involved in and has no responsibility for the possible assignment, commissions or any employment relationship that can be established between the agencies/agents and the applicant via GMS.

GMS is not responsible if the agencies/agents cancels a task that has been given to an applicant or if the agencies/agents does not fulfill other commitments it has given to the applicant.

GMS is not responsible for possible damage caused by disruptions, malfunctions, incorrect material or technically incorrectly displayed information, or for any other damage that may affect the applicant when using the GMS website.

Globalmodelscouting.com is a private website providing professional services in and around model scouting for the model industry.

GMS has its head office in Sweden and is governed by Swedish law. If a dispute arises regarding the GMS website or our services this will be governed by Swedish law in Sweden.

Please note: When using on the GMS website you agree to be bound to all GMS terms and conditions.