Terms and conditions

Global Model Scouting (GMS) content and purpose

Globalmodelscouting.com (GMS) is a private website that contains information about the applicant that has registered themselves on the website. By registering yourself on the GMS website you have shown interest in being scouted, discovered as a model and be represented by an agency or an agent.

In the GMS database established agencies and agents that work in the modeling industry can search for the applicants that have registered themselves on GMS. The agencies and agents that we collaborate with only get access to the registered applicants profile with photos and facts (first name, age, country, height, size, hair color, eye color and shoe size), NOT their contact information. This is only provided by GMS when the agency is interested in representing the aspiring model and GMS has established a contact with the applicant or the parents/guardant of the applicant if you are under 18 years and been given an approval for this.

The purpose of GMS is to give aspiring models the opportunity to meet serious agencies and agents and vise versa. GMS gives aspiring models a platform to start off on.


To register on GMS we require the ages 14-30 years. No one under the age of 18 is allowed to provide any personal information and photos without parental/guardian consent, which is required at the time of registration. GMS is not intended in applications for children, especially not from those under age of 14 years. You can still apply if you are under 14 or over 30 but your chances of being scouted is then very limited.

If you have any concerns or questions about any aspect of this policy, please feel free to e-mail us.

Registration and fee

To apply as an aspiring model you need to register on www.globalmodelscouting.com. When registering you have to fill out the information that is required. The applicant is responsible for filling out their personal information correct. If the applicant purposely fills out their personal information incorrectly then the applicant will be prevented from being registered and may even be secluded from GMS. To register at GMS is for free, but you can also upgrade your account to Premium to get more out of GMS.


The registration fee for Premium is 3€ for 1 month or 24€ for 12 months. This is a running cost and as an applicant you need to terminate your Premium membership yourself. To do this you manually choose "cancel subscribtion" after signing in. 

Terms for using GMS services

As a registered GMS applicant you have the obligation not to post or transmit any unlawful, fake, fraudulent, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, pornographic, profane, hateful, racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable material of any kind on the GMS website. Any content posted is done solely by the user, and is the full responsibility of the user, and any and all recipients.

As a registered GMS applicant you are not allowed to copy, spread, publish any copyright material on the GMS website. GMS applicants are not either allowed to use the GMS website for any commercial uses or to spread political or commercial messages and offerings.

GMS reserves the right to change or modify profile information without any notice.

Suspension and refund policy

GMS has the right to suspend any applicant from the GMS website when violating the GMS terms and conditions.

Because of the immediate exposure world wide as soon as the applicants profile is registered GMS has a no refund policy.

Applications personal information

GMS only collects personally identifying information with your full knowledge and consent. All information submitted using our registration form or sent to our email addresses are contained on a secure server and encrypted for your privacy and safety.

The applicants agrees that the information that applicant provide to GMS may be stored or otherwise used by GMS. Applicants also agrees that this information may be disseminated to a third party and other GMS channels such as social media, newsletter, pr, etc. as long as the information is used in accordance with the purpose of the GMS service.

GMS responsibilities

GMS is not involved in and has no responsibility for the possible assignment, comissions or any employment relationship that can be established between the agencies/agents and the applicant via GMS.

GMS is not responsible if the agencies/agents cancels a task that has been given to an applicant or if the agencies/agents does not fulfill other commitments it has given to the applicant.

GMS is not responsible for possible damage caused by disruptions, malfunctions, incorrect material or technically incorrectly displayed information, or for any other damage that may affect the applicant when using the GMS website.

Globalmodelscouting.com is a private website providing professional services in and around model scouting for the model industry. GMS has its head office in Sweden and is governed by Swedish law. If a dispute arises regarding the GMS website or our services this will be governed by Swedish law in Sweden.

Please note: when registering on the GMS website you agree to be bound by all GMS terms and conditions.