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  • To create a profile on our website you start by uploading up to three pictures of yourself. Then register your name and measurements. You can also display your social media accounts.
  • Your profile will be showing in the model search under " Commercial models"
  • You will have a chance to get scouted by a model agency or clients within the business.
  • You will have access to our model guide, with loads of information about modeling and the business.

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Premium membership

  • As a Premium member you can upload unlimited amount of pictures of yourself. Register your measurements and your social media accounts.
  • You have full access to our job board where all model jobs will be published. (Only be available for Premium members)
  • No fees charged from your model revenue when you get a model booking via Global Models inc.
  • We prioritize to promote our Premium members when clients are looking for commercial models.
  • Premium members will be showing higher up in the model search.
  • You have access to our complete model guide. With loads of information about modeling and the business.
  • Premium Members have the possibility to be chosen to be In the Spotlight and promoted in our social network (Facebook and Instagram).

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