In the Spotlight

January 13, 2019

Vendela L.

Vendela gets mostly motivated of her family. No matter what, they always have her back and they are my biggest support. They believe in her and motivate her to grow and become the best version of herself.

Vendela's favourite model job so far has been the job she did for Battlefield 1. But if she could choose any brand she would like to shoot a campaign for, she would choose Nike. She has always been into fitness and Nike has always been her favourite brand.

Vendela has very good pictures in her profile and she believes that good pictures are crucial if you want to make it as a model. Your portfolio is your resume, and no one will book/hire anyone with a bad resume.

TWITTER: @VendelaLindblom

INSTAGRAM: @vendelali

August 29, 2018

Terrence W.

Terrence lives in Port Saint Lucia in Florida. What he loves in his home town is the famous food truck invasions. His dream destinations outside the home town are Miami and Paris.

Terrence doesn't really have a favourite designer, but he likes Joy Bryant. If he could choose, he would definitely model for Forbes.

July 09, 2018

Katarina P.

Katarina is from almö, Sweden. The thing she loves most about her hometown is the diversity and the multicultural presence in every corner, since Malmö is the gate of entrance to Sweden. 

Katarina gets inspired by all the young people out there who try to make a name for themselves. Since she is a basketball player, she would love to be able to travel the world and provide inspiration for young people.

If Katarina could choose a fashion label to shoot a campaign for, it would be Zara. Her favourite piece in her wardrobe at the moment is a white summer dress from Chicy.

INSTAGRAM: @katarinapetrov__

June 11, 2018

Vanessa L.

Although Vanessa is still quite young, she has already been working as a model for several years and been booked for many different model jobs. Her favourite job has been shooting for Kidsbrandstore: a lot of laughter and people working there have been very nice with feet on the ground. One of the best things has been to get a lot of clothes home after the job.

Vanessa loves to be in front of the camera and she has even done some short films. Commercial film for Liseberg was fun to do, until she started to feel so sick that she needed to cut off.

Vanessa’s favourite hobby is cheerleading, dancing and singing. She loves singing and has been singing also for public Celine Dion’s song “My heart will go on”. Her favourite subjects at school is sports and English.

INSTAGRAM: @vanessa06official

June 04, 2018

Louise B.

Louise is inspired by free spirited and authentic people, the mystery of nature, great music and things that she finds beautiful. She is from the amazing island Gotland, and as a beach girl she loves the closeness to miles of long white beaches. Beach is a place that allows her to hear her own thoughts. She loves to feel the wind in her hair and to sing and play music with friends on the cliffs by an open fire accompanied by the moonlight and the ocean.

Louise would like to shoot a campaign for fashion labels such as Victoria's Secret, L'Oréal or H&M. She is also dreaming of making an appearance in Sony commercial.

Louise has two things in her bucket list: she loves singing so recording an a song, and becoming a more advanced version of herself for every new day.

INSTAGRAM: @louise.bohlin

May 14, 2018

Rebecka G.

Rebecka is inspired by people who dare to be themselves, who think just like they want to, and who have an open mind although it might not always be appreciated by others. She loves how people express their own personalities through clothing, and how they embrace it in photos and so on. 
A true inspiration for Rebecka is Kate Moss.

Rebecka's dream would be to shoot a campaign for labels like Balmain and Dior. She has always been feminine in her clothing, and she likes it both conservative and classy. Her favourite piece of clothing at the moment is a chique jumpsuit.

If Rebecka could choose where to travel right now, she would pick Amalfi Coast, Positano, Italy.

INSTAGRAM: @rebeckagenc

May 07, 2018

Piia I.

Piia has once been a model for a day in Stockholm, and she really liked it and would do it again anytime. Her passion in life is to do things she thinks is fun and challenge herself with new things and happenings.

Piia loves to train and sail, and is at the moment preparing for a long sailing next year. Piia is very interested in skin care, hair and fashion. She would be happy to do a campaign within all of these areas.

For Piia the biggest inspiration comes from inside, when one feels good about herself and enjoys the present. She also gets inspiration from her love, children and friends.

April 30, 2018

emma NN N.

Emma has walked the catwalk at London Fashion Week for designer Yana Cherwinska. She loved being there because her dream came true and she got to do what she loves the most, to model. She would love to be able to model again with a lot of new clients!

Emma's favourite style in fashion is H&M, Guess, Zara and TopShop, she just loves their clothes and would like to shoot a campaign for these brands. She wouldn't mind doing an editorial for Vogue either.

Emma's favourite model is Cindy Crawford, who inspires Emma not to give up her modelling dream.

INSTAGRAM: @emma_ninkovic

April 23, 2018

Sara R.

Sara works mostly as an acrobat together with her boyfriend and they are training around 6 hours a day. She has had the luxury to be a part many different types of projects all over Europe, performing in circus shows, theatre plays, dance shows, events etc. She has also been modeling and acting in front of the camera for around ten years and recently started to make jewelry under the name Flying on a Cornflake.

Her personal style is a wide mix of different fashion styles. One day it’s 80’s vintage and the next days it’s rocker, sporty or perhaps chic style depending on her mood. She loves shooting editorials, so doing that for a magazine like Vouge would be a dream! Or shooting a campaign for Chanel, Kenzo, Karl Lagerfelt, Marlene Birger, Adidas or Nike.

Sara could be inspired by everything and anything in the world, at the right moment, which is one of her qualities she cherishes the most.

INSTAGRAM: @sararunsten

April 16, 2018

Arisu M.

Arisu works both as model and graphic designer. She enjoys her work and thanks to that she has an opportunity to get acquainted with creative people around the world.

Arisu likes to travel a lot and always try to learn something new. Her passion is art, and in her free time she likes drawing and creating different accessories. She is vegan, loves animals and nature.

Among Arisu's favourite brands Acne Studios, Diesel, Moschino, Tommy Hilfiger and Tiger if Sweden. She likes different styles in fashion, such as Grunge, avant-garde, boho-chic and ethno. One of her favourite designers are Vivienne Westwood, Ann Sui, Erdem Moralioglu, Jil Sander, Alexander McQueen, Vera Wang and Hermès.

INSTAGRAM: @arisu_mizuki

April 09, 2018

Ella H.

Ella gets inspired by people who stand up for their rights and do what they love. lives in Stockholm and she just simply loves the city. It is so beautiful ands clean with so many things to do, and Ella thinks the coolest thing is the fact that you can go swimming in the middle of a big town like Stockholm.

Chic, casual and rocker are Ella’s favourite styles in fashion. She would like to walk the runway for Victoria secret, Calvin Klein, Adidas City, Stella McCartney, Isabel Marant.

If Ella could choose where to travel, her dream destinations would be Hawaii and Bora Bora.

April 02, 2018

Olivia N.

Olivia gets inspired by people who come from “nothing” and make it to the top in their lives. She lives in the Netherlands and loves that the country has a lot of flowers which give a colourful ad beautiful environment, and that there are a lot of bicycles everywhere. The big amount of different nationalities brings a lot of new impressions.

Olivia is a starting model. She would like to walk a runway for any designer at a fashion week in Paris. His dream destination is not any specific country, it is being a successful international model.

March 19, 2018

Laetitia F.

Laetitia lives in France, and what she likes mostly in her country is fashion, but also food, exhibits and architecture. Her dream destination is another big city: New York. She has been there already, but she loved the energy New York had to offer and would like to go back and eventually work there.

Laetitia is inspired by Gabrielle Chanel, who gave the possibility for women of her own time to express themselves and feel comfortable in their clothing. She is the symbol of freedom, women’s rights and modernity. If Laetitia could choose, she would walk the runway for Chanel, Saint Laurent and Jean Paul Gaultier.

Sebastian Kim and Alice Hawkins are Laetitia’s favourite photographers, and she wouldn’t mind shooting a fashion editorial for Vogue, Elle, L'Officiel and Harpers' Bazaar.

INSTAGRAM: @teeshette

March 05, 2018

Therese K.

Therese is from Örebro, Sweden. She thinks that the best thing in Örebro is all the residents, everybody is so nice and helpful, and she has lots of friends there. Her dream destination is New York in USA.

Therese has worked with many good photographers, but the best one is Evelina. Therese is so relaxed in the front of the camera with her, and she helps her with different poses and facial expression. And she takes good pictures of course.

Therese's biggest inspiration is Kenza, a Swedish blogger. She is so beautiful and has perfect style, and Therese loves her outfits and her personality.

The big dream for Therese is to walk in wings at Victoria Secret Show. But she would love to walk runway on Sweden fashion week and it doesn't matter in who’s clothes.

INSTAGRAM: @thereseklockare

February 26, 2018

Rodrigo P.

Rodrigo is from México. He thinks the best México has is its diversity. You can find, learn, explore and taste a very wide range of stuff; It is a quite big country full of opportunities where you can achieve almost anything. And this really inspires Rodrigo, since he always wants to try new experiences and also search for new opportunities.

Choosing a favourite designer to whom Rodrigo would like to walk the runway for is difficult, since all designers have their own uniqueness and positive things. If he needed to anyway choose one, he would pick Ralph Lauren.

Rodrigo has been in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Morocco and he would love to return to those places. He enjoys the Arabic culture and it’s richness. Of course he would bring his family with him. 

February 19, 2018

Dora T.

Dora was a shy girl who didn't pay much attention to her looks as she was a nerd who preferred a book to a mirror. Her wise mother decided to correct the situation and brought her to a model agency. Nowadays Dora really likes shootings and she gets offers from photographers nearly daily.

All Dora’s favourite designers are all more or less in one direction: feminine and exquisitely elegant. Zuhair Murad, Elle Saab, Ziad Nakad: those Lebanese designers stole her heart forever.

Dora’s best tips in keeping healthy is healthy lifestyle, doing sports, eating well and sleeping 8 hours. But she would still never say no to a piece of chocolate and she thinks that we should enjoy what we eat. Dora’s favourite meal is breakfast. For Saturday morning she would prepare crepes or sweet cutlets from “topfen”, with some fruits complementing her Saturday morning.

TWITTER: @@DildoraT

INSTAGRAM: @tillakiz3

February 05, 2018


Adrian is in great shape! That's probably due to his hobbies swimming and weight lifting, not to forget his addiction to squats. Despite training Adrian enjoys going out in a boat with friends and hop around the archipelago during the summer.

Adrian would love to visit British Columbia in Canada and just enjoy the wilderness and the contact with nature. He is a big hiking fan so a couple of weeks over the hiking trails around The Canadian Rockies is his dream.

For Adrian the excitement of fashion is all about how it allows for individual expression of one self and how much it can impact on the way you project yourself to the world.

INSTAGRAM: @dino_barkley

January 29, 2018

Stam C.

Stam lives in Oslo, Norway. He thinks that the nicest thing about Oslo is that it is close to nature and it has so many nice outdoor opportunities nearby. If Stan would have the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world, he would choose Alaska.

When asking Stam for which fashion label he would like to shoot a campaign for, he would go for Paul Smith. The most exciting in the fashion industry according to him is to meet many interesting people.

INSTAGRAM: @stamatis hat

January 22, 2018

Ida H.

Ida lives up north in Sweden, where the sun never sets in the summer. She thinks that the midnight sun is the best part about living in the north. Ida loves summer and warmness and she would really want to travel to Australia, not only because of the weather but also to see the beautiful nature and landscape, and meet the coolest animals.

Ida would love to walk a catwalk for Stella McCartney or Victoria’s Secret. Stella McCartney because she loves her collections and what she stands for; Victoria’s Secret because she thinks they represent so much confidence and female power.

When asking what is Ida’s favourite piece in her wardrobe, she picks up without hesitating her Calving Klein underwear sets: “I walk around in them all day, they’re sooo comfortable yet stylish!”

TWITTER: @idahogstadius

INSTAGRAM: @idahogstadius

January 15, 2018

Sebastian B.

Sebastian is motivated by challenging himself and pushing the limits of his own humbleness. He is motivated by following his own impulse, do what he loves, without caring too much of what people might think.

Sebastian has great pictures on his profile, but he told us that when he was younger he hated getting my picture taken and preferred videofilms rather than photos. He ended up on a photoshoot and was blown away by how good the pictures turned out. After that he just had to continued modelling. Just a few instructive words from a skilled photographer was the game changer for him and he started looking at modelling videos on youtube and practicing, joined a few Facebook groups for models and photographers and started collaborating and learning.

Truly inspiring!

INSTAGRAM: @bjerneskar

December 18, 2017

Julia K.

Julia has lots of dreams and she would like to have a role in changing the future. Her goal is to achieve her dreams. Julia is motivated by successful people who can be successful with both family and professional way and have a good balance in life.

Julia likes to meet new people, communicate and get opportunities. She is very enthusiastic and tries to spread good energy. She believes that people will remember you based on how they feel themselves in your company.

If Julia could choose which fashion label she would shoot a campaign for she would pick a commercial beauty fragrance. In her world perfume represents feminity and elegance.

INSTAGRAM: @juliakiviat

December 11, 2017

Mika E.

If Mika could change one thing in the fashion industry, it would be the fact how models are viewed. She has often felt that her modelling dreams haven’t been respected since people view the profession as unserious. People must learn the hard work, patience and skills that are required in the model business.

Mika thinks that the best thing about being in front of the camera is definitely the collaboration with the photographer and getting into the role of the picture. It’s like acting without words.

Mika is in love with the labels For Love and Lemons and Reformation. Both labels are very feminine, romantic and down to earth and the colours are absolutely stunning. The labels are all about embracing the woman. Mika thinks it would be amazing to shoot for them!

INSTAGRAM: @Mikaeberstein

December 04, 2017

Cornelia L.

Cornelia get's motivated by her family and success: ”To succeed at something after I've worked really hard is the best feeling, it helps me keep going and working towards the goal.”

Cornelia has always wanted to try skydiving. She loves adrenaline kicks and doing something slightly dangerous like jumping out of a plane.

Adidas, Nike, H&M, Calvin Klein and Levis are Cornelia's favourite fashion and sports labels. ”I adore their clothes, it´s my go-to if I want something new in my wardrobe. I think it would be a fun experience to take part in exposing these great fashion labels!”

When it comes to the runway, the Swedish designer Ida Sjöstedt is her first choice ”I really admire her work and her clothes are gorgeous, especially the dresses.”

INSTAGRAM: @cornelialanekoff

November 27, 2017

Jhullian C.

Jhullian has 60,000 followers in Instagram which he gained in 9 months! It all started when he posted a selfie that got some attention. After that he has tried to grow his page trying to motivate and reach out to more people.

Jhullian has a million goals that he wants to accomplish, and these goals motivate him a lot. Jhullian is in great shape and that’s due to him being always active and loving the gym! His tip to those who whant to get in shape is to find something you enjoy doing and making training as a habit.

If Jhullian got to choose one designer he would like to walk the runway for, it would be with no doubt Dolce Gabbana - a dream come true!

INSTAGRAM: @Jhullians

November 13, 2017

Hadrien D.

Hadrien gets inspiration from most representative bearded men in the industry, such as Ricki Hall, who has such strong mind and who has will to be a better man. Also, Hadrien's family, friends and love are great inspiration for him, particularly his grandfather who thought Hadrien that the only thing that matters in to do what you love doing.

Hadrien loves to discover new things, people and places because he thinks being open-minded and aware about everything around him is really important and leading him to be a better guy.

INSTAGRAM: @hadriendvh

November 06, 2017

Bea S.

Bea loves spending time with her kids and husband, as well as with her friends. She also enjoys running and working out, not to mention travels and visiting new places. One of the passions is healthy, clean and yummy food, made from scratch.

Bea finds motivation everywhere and everyday, in nature, in travels, amongst interesting people and in new meetings. She sees her life a learning process and with lots of love from her family and friends she tries to embrace life to the fullest. For instance, she did her first marathon at the age of 40, learned a new language at 42, and became a model at 43!

INSTAGRAM: @@runningbea

October 30, 2017

Vanessa K.

Vanessa remembers when she was a child she was offered to become a basketball player, but she did not take it seriously because she wanted to become a professional model. Her mum is always there supporting her and she gave Vanessa a chance to do what she really wants.

Mode is Vanessa's greatest passion. She likes clothes, walking on the stage while doing what she really loves. Vanessa loves being a model. She has ambition to move forward and she thinks that updating to premium will be helpful.

TWITTER: @Van_kilem

INSTAGRAM: @Vanessa_kilem

October 23, 2017

Danielle V.

Danielle's passion is to do what she loves, make her family and friends happy and to make them feel loved.

Danielle believes in herself and that one day she will get to the top of the model industry. She always feels that that she was meant to become a model.

Danielle loves meeting new people and friends. She is very social and loyal to those she knows. Danielle is glad that she chose to work as a model just because she meets a lot of new people when she works. She has really good confidence but she never forgets to have both of her feet on the ground.

INSTAGRAM: @daniellevonarnold

October 16, 2017

Rodrigo P.

Rodrigo tries always to enjoy life in best possible way. He loves swimming, scuba diving and reading. The biggest motivation and inspiration for Rodrigo is his family. He also enjoys doing new things and help associations to help the less fortunate people.

Rodrigo knows that Global Models inc takes control of everything and he receives the best representation. He will only get filtered offers from approved companies.

Rodrigo's role model is Winston Churchill. He has a very powerful image and also he was a very simple person who enjoyed everything he did. He achieved so many things and left an incredible legacy.

October 09, 2017

Carolina E.

Carolina is a very passionate person with creative and imaginative ideas. She is a musician and one of her absolute greatest passions is music. She always finds motivation in music.

Even though music is Carolina's big passion, her heart bumps also for fashion. Both music and fashion have been included in Carolina's life ever since she was a child.

One of Carolina's role models is her best friend. She always makes her feel good no matter what life looks like.

INSTAGRAM: @officialcarolinas

October 02, 2017

Ali A.

Naod enjoys modelling but also commercials and movies. He is never shy in front of the camera and that is where he belongs. Naod upgraded to premium, because he know what he is passionated about and in his mind the premium was the first step towards his goals.

Naod is motivated by always being the best version of himself and also trying to do the best with what he has and make the best of what life (and that day) has to offer.

Tyson Beckford is a model that inspires Naod: he is a fighter and not someone that would give up easy.

INSTAGRAM: @ali.mannen

September 25, 2017

Natasha C.

Natasha has a big interest in fashion and clothes, and she loves to express herself in what she wears and also tries to inspire other people with her style. She loves dancing and singing to music that makes her feel something, it makes her happy and calm.

For Natasha it is important that she is surrounded by happy people and that she does things that makes her happy, that makes her motivated.

Natasha saw premium membership as a chance for being seen more and getting more jobs. For her it as an obvious choice to upgrade to premium.

Kendall Jenner is Natasha's favourite model. Natasha thinks that she is gorgeous in every way, and that she seems to be very kind and sweet. Natasha loves Kendall's style and she gets inspired by her every day!

INSTAGRAM: @natashacarlsson

September 18, 2017

Tuva C.

Tuva is really motivated about results. She loves learning new things and noticing small improvements as she goes, and how all these small improvements eventually lead to a great result. Tuva believes that premium membership can only affect her in a positive way since it gives her a great opportunity to explore something she would be interested in doing.

In her free time Tuva enjoys playing video games and baking. She has even dreamed about opening her own bakery!

Tuva’s favourite model is Raudha Athif who always brought something different into every picture and made them stand out. She also knew where she wanted to go in life and appeared strong-willed, which Tuva respects.

September 11, 2017

Maria S.

Maria believes, that in order to get result, you need to invest something into it. Premium membership is like investing in herself as it allows her to get more exposure, better opportunities to do something that she loves and enjoys.

Maria is passionate about inspiring people who do things that really matter to them and make them happy, to love and accept themselves and not compare themselves to others, to focus on great qualities that they have and to build on those, to basically live a happier life, an experience that they are enjoying and that really matters to them.

Maria thinks that Audrey Hepburn is a great representation of female beauty.

INSTAGRAM: @masha_stanik